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Sandalwood and Juniper Berry Beard Oil (30ml)

Sandalwood and Juniper Berry Beard Oil (30ml)

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Our Sandalwood and Juniper Berry beard oil offers a delicate, manly, and woody scent, ideal for daytime use. The potent Sandalwood coupled with the refreshing Juniper results in a nourishing oil that leaves your beard feeling incredible.

Scent profile: Woody, Floral, Masculine.

Handmade with only four natural ingredients:

  1. Argan Oil softens and moisturises and is easily absorbed into your skin and beard.
  2. Golden Jojoba Oil works to reduce dryness and irritation and its anti-bacterial properties keep your beard healthy.
  3. Sandalwood Oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to care for your skin and beard. It is also known to enhance mood.  
  4. Juniper Berry Oil is rich in antioxidants and is a natural remedy for skin conditions such as rash and acne. 

*All our beard oils are vegan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Peter Dunne
Great quality as always.

Can’t ever fault West Cork Beard Company for always producing quality products. This Sandalwood and Juniper Berry beard oil is a great scent. Your beard tips on YouTube have also been great help on this journey of mine. Thanks again Colin for a great quality product and restoring my confidence in my beard.

You're very welcome Peter and thanks for the review!


Fantastic smell, great feel, super soft on the beard and skin. Great company and handmade. Thankful that companies like this exist. Highly recommended!!

Thank you Dave, really appreciate the review!

Great product

Having suffered with ingrown hairs most of my life I decided to try leaving my beard grow out again. I've never lasted long when doing this because the ingrown hairs get to much. So I decide to try follow your advice and started using the soap, beard oil and beard brush. The results have been great. I haven't had an ingrown hair since I started this a month ago. Thanks very much, it's been a life changer.

So happy to hear this Gerry! Thank you very much for the review.

Game changer

Never knew I needed this in my life.

A really great beard oil from the West Cork Beard Company stable. Smells great and feels bloody good. Another great product from WCBC that works so well with the brush.

Not overpowering on the scent for me. Love using this stuff!

Thank you Richard!


Awesome delivery turnaround once again, the only products for your bearded needs.

Thank you Alan!