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Lavender and Chamomile Beard Oil (30ml)

Lavender and Chamomile Beard Oil (30ml)

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Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our premium Lavender and Chamomile beard oil. The subtle aroma is perfect for unwinding after your evening shower, promoting a calming and stress-free atmosphere. Our nourishing blend of oils will provide your beard with the essential nutrients it needs while you sleep.

Scent profile: Aromatic, Fresh.

Handmade with only four natural ingredients:

  1. Argan Oil softens and moisturises, and is easily absorbed into your skin and beard.
  2. Golden Jojoba Oil works to reduce dryness and irritation and its anti-bacterial properties keep your beard healthy.
  3. Lavender Oil can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties have been found to treat acne without clogging your pores. 
  4. Chamomile Oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing to dry skin. Its scent can help induce a good night's sleep.

*All our beard oils are vegan.

Customer Reviews

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cathal losty
Beard oil

Love this oil. Been using it for 3 years now, can’t recommend it enough. It leaves my beard feeling great and it really helps with the skin itch. I use it every night and because it has lavender I find it helps with my sleep.

Thanks for so many years as a customer Cathal! Appreciate all your orders.

Lavinia Daraban
Excellent gift

Great present for any bearded man. Smells lovely and soften your man's beard so can forget about that chin rush when smooching him ;)
Bought it for the second time. Is soothing and the lavender scent makes it a perfect before slumber ritual. Would recommend to all bearded men out there alongside the pine scented one. 5+ stars

Thank you very much Lavinia!

Lavender Dreams: Beard Oil for the Modern Man's Peaceful Slumber

Where Manliness Meets Tranquility. For the modern man who values both ruggedness and relaxation, this aromatic beard oil is a game-changer. With the soothing scent of lavender, it's not just a grooming essential, its a nightly ritual. So, kick back, breathe deep, and let your beard guide you to a well-deserved, peaceful sleep.

Thanks for the wonderful review Graham!

Joanna Maynard
Beard oil

I recently purchased some beard soap and oil for my boyfriend to keep his beard in good condition and the scents available are so great absolutely love all of them and he does too. Brilliant company very fast shipping and excellent quality.

I really appreciate this review Joanna! Thank you very much.

Perfect for bedtime routine!

This is my bedtime oil and is such a fantastic quality oil. The smell works wonders for sleep and pairs perfectly with the beard butter to give me a great feeling beard!

So glad you like it so much! Thanks Keith.